Transit Options

Transit System & Alternative Transportation

UNA Fixed Routes and On-Demand services for students are provided by Slidr and are visible from the Slidr App!  Download today!

*Make sure you are downloading the Slidr Rides App (not the electric scooters App).

Slidr is a pioneering urban mobility company specializing in electric transportation solutions, that provides an innovative, eco-friendly transportation option for UNA students.QR code for Slidr app



  • UNA provides fixed routes to accommodate commutes to main areas of campus for all students.
  • Fixed Routes are serviced by Slidr using electric vans/Tesla.
  • Use the app to view the routes, stops and track your next pick up times.
  • Fixed Route services provided Monday through Friday, 7am – 4pm (when classes are in session).

Stops include:  Rice Hall (back), East Campus, Grandview Apt., No’Ala Heights, McKinney Building & Harrison Plaza.


  • UNA provides on-demand ride services within a targeted range of campus. This available “zone” is visible on the UNA Slidr app.  Reservations are also secured via the app.
  • On-Demand service are provide utilizing a Tesla, accommodating up to 3 riders.
  • On-Demand services is available Monday through Friday, 4pm-9pm (when classes are in session), and Saturday’s from 10am -2pm.

Other local transportation
• NACOLG Public Transit Services -

• Quad City Taxi & Wheelchair Service, Florence, AL – 256-767-0220

Reserving A Bus or Vehicle
(only for UNA affiliated organizations or departments)

Bus/Vehicle Reservations are handled through the Department of Facilities Administration and Planning.

*Beginning September 1, 2022, the UNA buses in the Motor Pool will be limited to a 5 mile radius for ALL trips.  The safety of our employees and students is our number one priority and due to the age of the buses, we feel that it is no longer safe for them to travel long distances.  If and when breakdowns occur, we are not staffed 24 hours a day and this would leave personnel stranded for a minimum of 1 hour.   

If your department needs a bus for distances longer than this, please contact a charter company for a bus.

To reserve a bus/vehicle for your UNA department, organization or event; please email or call 256-765-4274.